Thursday, October 31, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-10

If there is any other solution besides this let me know since I am at a loss to find out how to increase the population other than immigration since the robots can only replace so much and you need humans to populate a country. And if countries with declining population don’t want to increase immigration to their countries then at least they can go along with control immigration where you can only allow people with certain skills and education level to come there to live and work. But again this is no easy answer because in time these new educated immigrants would want to bring in their families and extended ones when they sponsor them who may or may not be as educated as wished for in the host country's immigrant policy. How to enforce is this policy is to ban the immigration of not sufficiently educated family members. Now you there can be some family members who would not be that educated like parents or other older relatives so how do you reconcile your immigration policy with it, Either you can try to educate them on your expense (not feasible) or bar them altogether (again not feasible since the new immigrants would want their parents to be with them). And if you are only going to give immigration to the students who have graduated from your universities then what if they would want to marry outside the country and then try to bring spouses into their adopted countries, how is that going to sit with the immigration policy.

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