Sunday, October 27, 2013

Women in ads

I know that you may have noticed how most of the ads have women in them. And this observation is not recently but I have been watching this for a long time. I know that many people will not consider this exploitation because all the women in the ads are of legal age and know right from wrong but why use women in ads when the ad is for men? For example long time ago there were cigarette ads where men were smoking and beautiful women looking them like they have hots for them. Another had a razor had with a women feeling the face of the man after he has shaved it with that particular razor. And the best one are the car ads where sometimes you see attractive women lying on the top of the hood or cheering the men behind the wheels. Anywhere you see you will find that majority of the ads have women in them. I see much exploitation in these ads, although you can see cheerful women in them being enthusiastic about the products but is there really a need for them to be there. Are they really selling cars, razors or what have you or women in the ads? If you have seen car shows on the screen or in person, you would have seen pretty ladies in attractive and sexy clothing standing besides brand news are just waving their arms and letting people know that the car is there. There is no information about the cars that the women would tell you.

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