Thursday, October 31, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-8

The legality or illegality of the immigration comes next. But since I am not a lawyer or a law maker I can only comment on it that immigration should always be legal and if people want to come to a certain country they should follow the law. But here is my dilemma what about those people who have been in the country illegally and have children born in that country, how do you want to treat them legal or illegal. How can one sent the parents back to the home country if they are illegal when their kids had no choice where they were born and have not seen their parent's country and don’t want to live there. It should not be the fault of the kids that their parents are illegal while they are not and so there should be some sort of pathway to citizenship for these people since the kids need their parents and it would be unfair to the kids to deport their parents while the kids are legal residents and citizens. Although immigrants have its negatives but the positives outweigh the negatives as some countries whose population growth is declining can bring in more people to support their economy and reverse the declining trend. But for that to happen, the natives should have an open mind and provide support to the newcomers so that they assimilate quickly and contribute to the economy of the newly adopted land. Instead of using emotions and fear about the unknown, you should be realistic about how the demographic of a country are changing and if it is better to hold on to a dwindling and aging population who will have to be supported somehow.

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