Sunday, March 24, 2019

The non-war between India and Pakistan

If you have been out of touch with some world reality, you would have not noticed that the two nuclear armed nations came close to a war which lasted hardly two to three days with casualties counted on your fingers. It all started by a suicide attack on a paramilitary convoy on the Indian side of Kashmir killing more than 40 people. It was claimed by a member of a group based in Pakistan fighting for Kashmir autonomy or independence from India. India immediately blamed Pakistan for the suicide attack and decided to send in its fighter planes on the Pakistani side of Kashmir. Naturally Pakistan had to reply and downed two of the Indian planes and captured on one of its pilot, who was released quickly. Although the escalation of war was prevented and some sense of uneasy calm has prevailed but the threat remains of some skirmishes between the two nuclear armed neighboring nations.
Despite both governments threatening to use nuclear weapons (like it is a toy) on each other if war escalates, this war and the rest of their history wars have shown that both the countries are very ill equipped to wage a war for more than a few days and thinks come to their senses as both of them scramble behind closed doors to desperately reach out to world powers (namely U.S., Russia and China) to help them defuse the tension. As long as the Kashmir issue is there which has been unresolved since the bloody separation between the two countries, the threat of war will be there but even after the issue is resolved (unlikely to anybody’s complete satisfaction) these two nations whose population has been brainwashed to hate each other since their independence in 1947, the nuclear armed neighbors will be ready to decimate their populations by millions and tens of millions more by radiation by itching to have to trigger the button on the nuclear device. This will only set the two countries back to pre-war independence stage but will never recover from it and also will destroy what is left of the neighboring countries.

On the lighter side-Movies-You might be the Killer (2018)-Fran Kranz, Alyson Hannigan

A camp counselor comes to realize that he might be the killer after a phone in with his best friend. Fun and enjoyable though bloody horror/comedy movie. Recommended

On the lighter side-Movies-Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (2018-China)

Detective Dee is back, this time facing accusations from the empress, while trying to solve crime spree. Mystery, martial arts action and mayhem and fantasy blend to make it a fun movie to watch. Recommended

On the lighter side-Movies-The Car: road to revenge (2018)-Micah Balfour, Jamie Bamber

If you remember, long time ago (1977 to be exact) a supernatural horror movie by the name of The car came and vanished quickly and I did not see the need for a sequel to an unforgettable movie of yesteryears. But I guess some body has run out of ideas and so we have this new updated sort of sequel ( but it is not) horror movie where a district attorney is murdered and his soul transferred to his car which takes bloody revenge. Some bloody and gory scenes but forgettable. Not Recommended

On the lighter side-Movies-Papillon (2018)-Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek

Papillon, a common Parisian thief is framed and sent to the infamous Devil’s island prison to serve his sentence. Although updated for modern times, it is still inferior to Steve McQueen movie of the same name in 1973. Recommended with caution

On the lighter side-Movies-Merantu (2009-Indonesia)-Iko Uwais

A young man trained in ancient martial arts leaves his village to go to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia) as male rite of passage and gets entangle with human trafficking. Early Iko Uwais martial arts movie. Good action sequences. Recommended for curiosity.

On the lighter side-Movies-A girl name Iron Phoenix (1973-HK)

A female police captain is given the task to infiltrate a dock labor group, where the workers are mysteriously dying. Comedy and martial arts action combine to make it somewhat a fun movie to watch. Short and not extended unnecessarily. Recommended with caution

Sunday, March 3, 2019

On the lighter side-Movies-A simple Favor (2018)-Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick

A single mother with social media presence befriends a mysterious woman who suddenly disappears promptly her to investigate. Looks like a made for TV movie with bigger cast. Not Recommended

On the lighter side-Movies-The Golem (2018-Israel-U.S.)-Hani Furstenberg

An outbreak of plague forces a desperate woman to conjure up an entity to fight of invaders but ends with far deadly than imagined. Decent horror movie. Recommended with caution

On the lighter side-Movies-Iceman: The Time Traveler (2018-China)-Donnie Yen, Simon Yam

A mess of a movie, wasting the talents of Donnie Yen as three friends continue their battle to bring in the imperial guard from the first movie. You have to see the first one in order to understand the story but in another case, just forget this mess. Not Recommended

On the lighter side-Movies-Rampant (2018-Korea)-Hyun Bin

A prince returns to his kingdom to fight off zombies in this combination of action and horror. Recommended with caution.