Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sleep issues

No I am not talking about myself as I don’t have any problem with falling asleep but there millions of people out there who can’t fall asleep and have to rely on sleeping pills to get by. Some the sleeping pills you can have it over the counter without any prescription but they are of the type that it does not work most of the time. And the prescription ones are the most potent ones but there is always danger that people will get addicted to it and just will pop the pills even when they don’t need one. And there is always a debate of how much sleep do you need in order to function properly each day. The experts always start with eight hours or more for adults and more than 9 and above hours for kids. But this assumption has been lately crumbling for adults at least since it is now being said that even six hours of sleep is sufficient for some people and they will feel equally fresh and equal to people who have eight hours or more. I feel that six hours is enough for an adult but if you had the chance to sleep more than there is no harm in it but six hours is enough to function in a day. But I know that some people don’t have time to sleep as they are so much engrossed in their work that sleep becomes a luxury and for that reason they always seem to look tired and dizzy. People should take sleep seriously as it is essential for your body and to rest from all the work related stresses so that one can function properly for the next day’s work.

Coffee galore

Coffee it seems is the number one choice of the American public and with the influence of the media, many people around the world are adapting to it and getting addicted to it. I don’t like tea but I love coffee but am not addicted to it in any way since I can stay without coffee for few days on stretch. The American coffee market is dominated by coffee giants who make a lot of money on the people’s addiction. And it is not only the coffee giants but also the regular small mom and pop shops and the people with the cart business that really make a lot of money on the coffee. When I go in the morning to my work I see lots of people holding or lining up to get their so called coffee fix and it does not matter what kind they are having. Some people are very particular about where they get the coffee and if it means spending a few dollars more than usual they will do that. And most of the people have to get their morning coffee fix in order to function properly during the day. Thank God I am not one of those people. One cup of coffee is enough for me a day or even no coffee and I can function easily. Due to the huge coffee craze there are sometimes concerns about weather related issues which can affect coffee production in some major coffee producing areas but overall people really don’t care about how much coffee costs as long as they get their fix and hopefully the coffee reliant companies will make sure not to have any shortage of this essential ingredient loom much larger.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back to Greece once again

So the Greece came back from the brink and decided somewhat mutely that it is better to stay in Euro then to devastate your economy and go into the uncertain future of drachma (the old Greece currency before the Euro), although I would like them to have control over their own destiny and have their own currency (but who am I to say that since I am nobody in this case but anyway), according to my analysis, it will just buy them some time before they will be back for one more if they don’t drastically change their life style or don’t have their debt reduced or eliminated entirely. The package that was being offered to them is around 94 billion dollars and it will last for three years but it would not all go into Greece’s treasury as they say what goes in must come out and that is exactly what will happen. The amount of debt that Greece holds right now and the amount of aid being offered (as above) would be just recycling as whatever aid would come to Greece would be paid back to the creditors of the old debt and the retired debt would be replaced by new debt to be paid later on (if it ever gets paid). I believe that Greece are very nice people and they should have the chance to start over again and it is better for them to have their own currency and then build their countries on the basis of exports and other manufacturing and work hard to regain their rightful status in the world. They should renegotiate their debt and if not working out properly should leave the Euro and strike on their own. I know that it will require more sacrifice and hard work but at least they will not be swinging from one crisis to another and holding their breath every couple of years on their finances.

The Iran Nuclear Deal-2

As I read somewhere recently, most of the critics of this deal do not want Iran to join the rest of the world community and they would want to keep the status quo. It has happened with Cuba but Iran is not Cuba and if the deal is not ratified on either side it will play in the hands of the extremists’ element on both sides to justify their insistence that either side cannot be trusted. While Cuba did not have the money and the geography to play world politics or create trouble, Iran is the opposite as it has borders with several very volatile countries in the most troubled part of the world. It has strong proxies and despite being dismissive about its ability by the western media and intelligence, it has the capability to defend itself. And lest anybody thinks that Israel will attack Iran and there will be no retaliation on the part of Iran should think very hard. Just to follow up with their threat even muted, Iran will definitely strike back against Israel if provoked. Apart from this, after all the effort of striking out a deal, Iran will feel betrayed by all the years of talk and they will certainly withdraw to their own shell (just assuming). So just being arrogance about your own power and unity in the face of Iranian sanctions, everybody in Congress should think hard what is best for the United States and the world and if they still feel that they are not happy with the deal and if push comes to shove and a war is started (which the U.S. can ill afford due to its numerous largely hidden financial problems) it would not be good for either the U.S. and the world at large.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

Recently there was a nuclear accord between Iran and Six world powers (or so they say) to restrict Iran’s access to a so called Nuclear bomb. Iran has agreed in principle to restrict its advancement in nuclear research for at least 15 years. Now the United States congress has sixty days to weigh in on the deal and either ratify it or reject it triggering a promising presidential veto or worse overriding it in the hope that since Iran is desperate to roll back the sanctions would do anything to preserve the deal and the world (read: The United States) will have a much better deal. The deal is being opposed by both the Republicans and the democrats’ side in the hope that Iran is not to be trusted and a better deal would be much more favorable. And besides the U.S. Congress, Israel (Naturally) and Saudi Arabia (Naturally once again) and other Arab countries oppose the deal since it give Iran to gain access to the funds they need to further their so called Shiite revolution around the world. Now let's see what this means. I know that after so many years of hard work, nobody wants to go back on the table and discuss better terms which may or may not be in the eyes of some people and whatever deal the world gets in the end would not be good enough for some countries (read: Israel and Saudi Arabia) but what is the alternative to this deal. Iran already have the know how to make the bomb so how are you going to make sure that more sanctions would make them come back for a better deal.

My Open House adventures

I don’t know about other countries but here in America, I love the open house concept. Be it for home buying or admission or anything else, open house name says it all. You don’t have to register in advance or show how much you have in your bank account or even if you are interested. You just have to show your face and check out what is available. And this is the best part of it. I love going to the open houses but mind you I don’t like to go to houses which are less than half a million dollars because I live in one and I would not want to enjoy seeing another house with similar qualities. No my target is an open house with above 600k since they are rarely advertised as open house and you need some kind of invitation or have to the listing or selling agent to ask them to make a tour of the house. And when one house in my range is available as an open house I jump to the occasion even if I know that I would not be able to afford it right away or in few years. It is just fun to see how the rich live in those big houses in exclusive neighborhoods of the city. And if you don’t have anything to do at home especially on Sunday, it is the perfect time to check out these houses since there are several open houses going on that day with the timings between 1 to 5 P.M. I usually try to look for houses in my area or nearby since going out of my town takes time and sometimes you are too lazy especially on Sunday afternoon to have fun like that. So if you want something fun to do, check out open houses in your city or town’s exclusive neighborhoods.

The killing continues

During my slow season on the blog, there was another terrorists attack by a Muslim in which several military personnel were killed or injured. Now it is called Islamic terrorism but I don’t believe there was anything Islamic about it. You may or may not disagree with me but the guy who did the shooting was awaiting trial in a D.U.I (Driving under the influence) and he was not a role model for Muslims despite his beard. The killer name is Muslim but he did do any favor to his religion or his co-religionists to go on a useless rampage to satisfy this desire to achieve the so called Martyrdom. This act by him was simple and plain Terrorism, although he put a face on it by being a Muslim. And as usual Muslims have been slow to accept this fringe part of their community as being the most dangerous in terms of making them more suspicious in the eyes of law enforcement and other non Muslim population at large. It is just useless for any Muslim community leader to condemn these kinds of attacks because they are afraid that they will be shunned by their own community even if they do condemn or are afraid that they will be harmed. And these recent attacks are being inspired by the Islamic State (or IS or ISIS) and America is still in denial of who the real enemy is? It is time to wake up America and contain this beast before it becomes too big to handle and much more sacrifice will be needed if not contained early on.