Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal-2

As I read somewhere recently, most of the critics of this deal do not want Iran to join the rest of the world community and they would want to keep the status quo. It has happened with Cuba but Iran is not Cuba and if the deal is not ratified on either side it will play in the hands of the extremists’ element on both sides to justify their insistence that either side cannot be trusted. While Cuba did not have the money and the geography to play world politics or create trouble, Iran is the opposite as it has borders with several very volatile countries in the most troubled part of the world. It has strong proxies and despite being dismissive about its ability by the western media and intelligence, it has the capability to defend itself. And lest anybody thinks that Israel will attack Iran and there will be no retaliation on the part of Iran should think very hard. Just to follow up with their threat even muted, Iran will definitely strike back against Israel if provoked. Apart from this, after all the effort of striking out a deal, Iran will feel betrayed by all the years of talk and they will certainly withdraw to their own shell (just assuming). So just being arrogance about your own power and unity in the face of Iranian sanctions, everybody in Congress should think hard what is best for the United States and the world and if they still feel that they are not happy with the deal and if push comes to shove and a war is started (which the U.S. can ill afford due to its numerous largely hidden financial problems) it would not be good for either the U.S. and the world at large.

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