Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal

Recently there was a nuclear accord between Iran and Six world powers (or so they say) to restrict Iran’s access to a so called Nuclear bomb. Iran has agreed in principle to restrict its advancement in nuclear research for at least 15 years. Now the United States congress has sixty days to weigh in on the deal and either ratify it or reject it triggering a promising presidential veto or worse overriding it in the hope that since Iran is desperate to roll back the sanctions would do anything to preserve the deal and the world (read: The United States) will have a much better deal. The deal is being opposed by both the Republicans and the democrats’ side in the hope that Iran is not to be trusted and a better deal would be much more favorable. And besides the U.S. Congress, Israel (Naturally) and Saudi Arabia (Naturally once again) and other Arab countries oppose the deal since it give Iran to gain access to the funds they need to further their so called Shiite revolution around the world. Now let's see what this means. I know that after so many years of hard work, nobody wants to go back on the table and discuss better terms which may or may not be in the eyes of some people and whatever deal the world gets in the end would not be good enough for some countries (read: Israel and Saudi Arabia) but what is the alternative to this deal. Iran already have the know how to make the bomb so how are you going to make sure that more sanctions would make them come back for a better deal.

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