Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sleep issues

No I am not talking about myself as I don’t have any problem with falling asleep but there millions of people out there who can’t fall asleep and have to rely on sleeping pills to get by. Some the sleeping pills you can have it over the counter without any prescription but they are of the type that it does not work most of the time. And the prescription ones are the most potent ones but there is always danger that people will get addicted to it and just will pop the pills even when they don’t need one. And there is always a debate of how much sleep do you need in order to function properly each day. The experts always start with eight hours or more for adults and more than 9 and above hours for kids. But this assumption has been lately crumbling for adults at least since it is now being said that even six hours of sleep is sufficient for some people and they will feel equally fresh and equal to people who have eight hours or more. I feel that six hours is enough for an adult but if you had the chance to sleep more than there is no harm in it but six hours is enough to function in a day. But I know that some people don’t have time to sleep as they are so much engrossed in their work that sleep becomes a luxury and for that reason they always seem to look tired and dizzy. People should take sleep seriously as it is essential for your body and to rest from all the work related stresses so that one can function properly for the next day’s work.

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