Saturday, August 1, 2015

The killing continues

During my slow season on the blog, there was another terrorists attack by a Muslim in which several military personnel were killed or injured. Now it is called Islamic terrorism but I don’t believe there was anything Islamic about it. You may or may not disagree with me but the guy who did the shooting was awaiting trial in a D.U.I (Driving under the influence) and he was not a role model for Muslims despite his beard. The killer name is Muslim but he did do any favor to his religion or his co-religionists to go on a useless rampage to satisfy this desire to achieve the so called Martyrdom. This act by him was simple and plain Terrorism, although he put a face on it by being a Muslim. And as usual Muslims have been slow to accept this fringe part of their community as being the most dangerous in terms of making them more suspicious in the eyes of law enforcement and other non Muslim population at large. It is just useless for any Muslim community leader to condemn these kinds of attacks because they are afraid that they will be shunned by their own community even if they do condemn or are afraid that they will be harmed. And these recent attacks are being inspired by the Islamic State (or IS or ISIS) and America is still in denial of who the real enemy is? It is time to wake up America and contain this beast before it becomes too big to handle and much more sacrifice will be needed if not contained early on.

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