Sunday, August 2, 2015

Coffee galore

Coffee it seems is the number one choice of the American public and with the influence of the media, many people around the world are adapting to it and getting addicted to it. I don’t like tea but I love coffee but am not addicted to it in any way since I can stay without coffee for few days on stretch. The American coffee market is dominated by coffee giants who make a lot of money on the people’s addiction. And it is not only the coffee giants but also the regular small mom and pop shops and the people with the cart business that really make a lot of money on the coffee. When I go in the morning to my work I see lots of people holding or lining up to get their so called coffee fix and it does not matter what kind they are having. Some people are very particular about where they get the coffee and if it means spending a few dollars more than usual they will do that. And most of the people have to get their morning coffee fix in order to function properly during the day. Thank God I am not one of those people. One cup of coffee is enough for me a day or even no coffee and I can function easily. Due to the huge coffee craze there are sometimes concerns about weather related issues which can affect coffee production in some major coffee producing areas but overall people really don’t care about how much coffee costs as long as they get their fix and hopefully the coffee reliant companies will make sure not to have any shortage of this essential ingredient loom much larger.

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