Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government shutdown: Who is to blame?-2

I know that at the time of the passage of the health care law, there were many dissent but it was passed eventually and the Republicans have been trying their best to repeal them. But you know to shut down the government just because you don’t like a law which was passed by your fellow congressmen/women with majority is not democratic. And there will be some people who would say that I did not for certain people in Congress so why I am getting hurt in this shutdown. My answer is that it is part of democracy maybe forty percent of the people did not like the candidate but the rest did and eventually were elected. And winner takes all in our kind of democracy so whether you like it or not, these are our elected officials until the next election and these are the ones we (voter and non voter) send to congress to represents our interests. So it is most of the time our own fault that we are in this situation. And I believe that we will be like this because there are still people who believe they can buck the trend and vote no on some laws and some yes but nobody is hundred percent behind a certain law and so we get gridlock. If you don’t like the person who voted for some hated law, you should wait for the next election to vote them out. And this goes for all the people around the world who believe in democracy and vote to wait your turn and vote people in or out if you don’t like the way your country is headed too. Yes I know there will be frustration until that time but in a civilized society we have to wait our turn for our voices to get heard.

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