Monday, October 28, 2013

World of Finance: Financial advisers and their fantasies

I have written about financial advisers before and to be clear on this I have no animosity against them since I have not been to one and I just read what they say on the internet and newspapers. But are financial advisers catering to the rich folks or ordinary folks. By the looks of it they assume that they are catering to all clientele but do they are really take care of the unemployed or the people with limited means. And here my angers is directed at these people who are in their own fantasy world where the employment is perfect and everybody should be saving for retirement and have the right mix of investment portfolio. And they keep on emphasizing that we should save for retirement and have maximum amount put away in a retirement fund and all the financial advice that they can dole out to people who may not have the means to do it and then embarrass them for no fault of them. I have been unemployed two times and all I can hear from these advisers was that don’t cash out your 401k retirement funds since it is for your retirement. Well I did cashed out retirement funds completely and did pay the penalty because I was unemployed and when all the doors are closed and you cannot turn to anybody else what else are you supposed to do. This is my question to these financial advisers what should you do when you are unemployed, how do you save for your so called retirement when you are down on your luck and you don’t have money to put food on your table and a roof above your head and your families.

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