Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On the Business path: Ignoring the discouragements-2

Although some of the reasons I have listed above may sound like genuine to you and you have to address outright but some are just that you can prove to your discouragers that you can do it. You really will have to have the will power and stubbornness to withstand all this pressures and discouragements in order to try your hand at business. If you want to ignore discouragements and there are some people like your family, who will be hard to ignore, and they will want to demand answers right away and you should be prepared to shoot down any thing that they are going to argue against and for that you have to have a plan how to counter argue so that you can silence their reluctance and support you in your hour of need and for this to happen you have to think in every possible what the counter arguments will be to every possible scenario and questions. And for this to happen you will have to do a lot of homework and prove your doubters wrong about you. But there will still be doubters unless you prove them otherwise, but for now since you need no tension in your household and you need your family support, you should be ready in as less possible time. But my point in all of this is that you should ignore the discouragements because even knowing you for a few years or more, you can surprise them with how resilient you can be when starting this venture. So start ignoring the discouraging and think about what you want to do in your extra time.

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