Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-3

It is just the circumstances that push people to migrate and the situation has be so dire that there is no other way you can do without immigration. And that is one of the reasons the natives don’t understand is that immigration can be forced or voluntary but most of the time it is forced by circumstances beyond the control of the immigrants. I can understand that the natives are afraid of the immigrants due to various reasons like taking their jobs away, different values and cultures, race relations, language issues and some not so great reasons like hatred based on race, religion, nationality. But now the biggest issue has become economic, with terrorism being close by since the non Muslim nations not wanting or scrutinizing the Muslim immigrants more closely. And these two issues sometimes collide head on since most of the Muslim population is poor and the natives usually think that they are just in their countries because of financial reasons. It is the failure of some governments or their policies that force people to migrate to other less hostile environments. But the native born population is not happy with the freewheeling policies of their own governments since they believe that the migrants steal their jobs, are not compatible with the local culture or are a burden on society. But are they really that much burden that hostility including violence is perpetuated against them in the name of defending your territory and your jobs. This is the issue which I must tread carefully because it ignites a lot of passion on both sides of the debate.

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