Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World of Finance: Recruiting agencies

As you may have read before about finding a job through my experience with job fairs and internet job websites, now I come to the part where in order to get the maximum exposure you deserve you will one sooner or later go to recruiting agencies. And I have been to many when I was looking for a job initially and when I got laid off twice. And with other job networks, this can come with mix disappointments and successes. As with every individual, I also have various degrees of success with the recruiting agencies and I will only relate my experience. Usually you can search online to find out when and where are these agencies, their addresses, timings etc. And most of the agencies have their own websites so that you can go there and upload your resumes for their preview. And if you are not sure that the recruiters would see you on the internet, you can always call them in advance and say that you want to come see them as soon as possible. Since people only go to these agencies when they are looking for a job or are unemployed so these recruiters know that how desperate you are for their work. They will not charge for their services since they get all the fees from the companies contracting with them to find a suitable candidate. And I have seen candidates (including myself) coming in suits (and girls in business dresses) for a chance to get interviewed.

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