Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World of Finance: Recruiting agencies-2

Almost all the recruiters in the recruiting agencies are courteous and will treat you with respect from the initial entry where a receptionist will ask you if it is your first time and then give you a form to fill with all your history including your resume history to be written again and then attaching a resume for the next available recruiter who can see you. The offices are really nice (but not all of them) and everybody looks professional but you can see that you are just a monetary figure to them that is why they go out of their way to help you in any which way they can. Once the recruiter is available, he/she will personally come to see you and take you to one of the available empty offices. They will ask you what you were doing with resume in front of them and what you want and the whole life history. And then they will after getting a general idea about you say that they will contact some people and will call you back. One thing I have noticed that you can put our heart out to them as they are very good listeners and they may also give you some feedback about your resume also. In the past some recruiting agencies use to test the skills that the candidate have written on the resume or they had some general testing software that they use to keep in handy to test everybody. Now almost every recruiter asks their potential candidates to take the test.

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