Monday, October 28, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy

Am I pro immigrant? That is a tough question since I am for and against immigration too for various reasons. I don’t know that this is such a hot and sensitive topic and people' passion get the best of them and then it spills over to violence and it is not only the problem with the U.S. but other developed countries and even developing countries face this issue and it is not a onetime issue but ongoing and there is no way to solve this issue amicably. This is one of the reasons I was trying to avoid this topic but I know that it is not as easy as a black and white issue but a host of other issues crop up that are not pretty in detail. And I am not the first one to dive into this contentious issue and I would not be the last one either. Immigration is not a new issue but now it has become more hotly contested because of the visa regimes and xenophobia attitude of the locals and also there are economic issues that triumph everything else. Thousands of years and I believe since the start of human race, we have been on the move from one place to another in search of food, water, security and better living conditions. Immigrants don’t discriminate between developing or developed countries because the land they have immigrated to voluntarily is better than in the situation they were before. Most of the migrants are economic migrants but again most of these can and are people forced out of their homes, famine, wars, persecution and other various reasons.

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