Thursday, October 17, 2013

World of Finance: Car buying-6

Once you are done your research, you can go to a dealer and see the car you want to buy, test drive it and then start negotiating for the financing and the amount you are going to pay for it. And just a note of warning don’t ever fall for a salesperson’s gimmick and his/her slippery tongue because I have done that and it was not good since I fell for a car which gave me a lot of trouble later on. Salesman/woman work on commission and they will make sure that they sell you a car before you leave the showroom and thus you should stay firm in your dealing and your target price and don’t budge on it if you have a strong credit score or if you are going to pay all cash for it. Car buying is like playing hide and seek with the salesperson and you and you have to win this game. And don’t worry if you cannot make a deal, you have to not fall into temptation of buying a car under the dealership’s terms. If you have done your homework and if you have target price in your mind and all the relevant information in your hand, you should stick to your guns and get that price and if not just walk away and go to some other dealer. This is the beauty of buying a car with all the information you have in mind before entering the dealership and it can be fun to get in and out of the dealer within three hours if everything works according to your schedule and if not just leave and come back next time to another dealer.

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