Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World of Finance: Car buying-2

It has been 12 years since and I still don’t know what prompted us to venture into the first Dealership that was nearby although there are many around too. It must be the salesperson at the dealership that may be to blame (never fall them ever). But whatever was the case, we were lured into it just to have a look. As they were introducing new compact car at that time, we decided finally to take the plunge and bought the car with 36 months zero percent interest financing. Although I was not married but at the time I did not consult my fiancé (bad idea) and went ahead with the deal. But that car sucked and I vowed never to buy car from the company (name withheld). Before I bought the car, I took it for a test drive and since it was within my budget range and also it was a starter car I got it. But the second car, since I was married and my wife did most of the research, we went to two, three dealers to see the car. Although we had already decided what car to buy but ultimately got another bigger size SUV and put up almost 33 percent of the car amount and with all the financing done and interest rate determined, we bought the car. The interest at the time was very high even for people with excellent credit scores. But since we wanted a second car and we wanted to keep our monthly installment at around 400 dollars, it was okay.

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