Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Six Flags® Great Adventure

Last weekend we decided to go to Six Flags ® Great Adventure in South New Jersey but this time, we decided to go with my sister and brother in law and you may have known this by now how it works when you have a group vacation planned (a topic I will have a post on). Well, my sister in law won some tickets to the Six flags® and before it got too cold, we decided to go before the arrival of winter and started off by ourselves so that we can meet them at the Six Flags®. Bad idea that it turned out to be since the scheduling of the timing to meet was all messed up. We came there around eleven in the morning hope for them to come in 10 to 15 minutes but they came after an hour while we were there getting bored since we did not have the tickets to enter the park. Well after waiting for looked like an eternity to us and calling and texting every ten minutes, they finally arrived and instead of arguing with them, we let go of it and parked the car and started towards the entrance of the park. When we approached the gate to the entrance of the parking lot, we had the shock of my life that the parking was USD 25.00 (including New Jersey State Tax of 7 percent) prominently displayed on the booth of the parking attendant. If you wanted a priority and preferred parking which was relatively close to the park, it would have been USD 35.00 (including tax again). A complete rip-off I will assume.

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