Thursday, October 3, 2013

World of Finance: Company Websites

In order to utilize all available resources for my job search, this was another tool that I used to access jobs which are not advertised on internet job portals or the recruiting agencies or even the job fairs. This is because you go directly to the company’s websites where they have their own software (or contracted some software company) to ask you a long set of questions usually it takes half an hour. It is tedious work but in order to gain access to their website and their job database you have to go through it. The good thing about is that you get a reply that your information has been stored in their database and they will contact you shortly or whenever the description that you have put in matches their job requirement. I know that it is a long process to input all your information again and again in each company’s website but if you want to get into a company you will have no other choice. Here the criteria is to only go and input in those company’s websites in which you are genuinely interested and then you can save time because there can be thousand of companies and you don’t want to input your information again and again with little to gain from it. Company websites are great for those people who are just out of college and who have experience which is relative to the job they are applying. You may have to plan in advance of what companies you want to apply and then go about filling information for a certain number of companies each day. This way you have also covered your job search through this source.

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