Thursday, October 17, 2013

World of Finance: Car buying-5

Minivans are not my type although I see that if some families become bigger they tend to buy it since it is more about space and I have sat in one or two of them and I don’t feel it is comfortable. I am more of an SUV guy since they are big and to me more rugged. Anyway my preferences set aside, it up to you and your budget what you decide to buy since there are so many choices, models and makes that it is hard to choose which one to buy. I suggest that the starting point should be on the internet since all the major car manufacturers have their websites on it and they make it easier to build your own car right there and give you a price based on your specifications, be it a car, SUV, minivans or big trucks you can access your choice right in your home. Once you have decided what make or model you have to buy, start doing research on it like price and where you can find the best deal. If your credit score is not that great then you should try to improve it when applying for financing, but if you are paying for all cash then you can eliminate this step. Again do your research before embarking on buying a car because it will save you a lot of money and time when you finally enter a car dealership. Now you are able to access the price and the deals and financing terms that you can get right at home on the internet and then you can go and buy the car with the information you have.

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