Monday, October 14, 2013

World of Finance: Interviewing for a job-6

Once you are called in or maybe the person who is going to interview you will come and get you. Again it is useless to say that but I will, shake his hand firmly and smile and make eye contact. Then you maybe led to a room with two or more people or with only one person. He/she may ask you how were the commute and how you have been just to break the ice. But then the questions start with resume in his/her hand the first question maybe like this tell me about yourself and you can answer it in any way you want like in where you started from and what you have been doing all along, If you are changing jobs then you can tell them what kind of jobs responsibilities you and how you are managing the work flow. But if you are unemployed then you have phrase your story in such a way that you should seem to appear busy and not just sending out your resume via internet. Then after the interviewer is done, you may be interviewed by other people or you may be told that they will let you know the next steps. The type of questions that the interviewer may ask varies, the first one I told you on top, the other ones can be some scenario where you will be called to make a judgment call, where you see yourself in five years, what kind of software you are have/ or are using and other questions and when it is time to end, they may ask you if you have any questions for them and depending upon how much you know the company or just being curious, you can ask or not ask questions. When interviewing, don’t be nervous, stay calm and if you don’t understand the question, just ask again or say that you don’t know the answer as surely they will understand that you may not know the answer to every question they are going to ask. But sometimes they may ask questions relevant to your skills or about the job that you are seeking to fulfill. Another very important question that may be asked is that why should they hire you and what are you going to bring to the company that other candidates don’t have and here you have to think hard and prepare well in advance because this question sometimes makes a difference between you getting hired or not. Although I understand that job interview is a stressful process but if you are prepared then you would not have to worry a thing. Just do your best and be yourself.

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