Saturday, October 5, 2013

On the business path: What to do-4

If you have heard or read about how the real estate market works, you may have come about the expression "location". In the real estate market, it is all about the location and so it with your retail store, if it is in an area where there is big foot traffic, you may be able to get more people inside your store and if your store is located in a crime ridden area, even the best store in that area would be avoided by people. If you have only a physical store, even if you have presence on the internet would not do you any good if people are afraid to visit your physical store because of the perceived locality. So location is very important for your store. But wait, this does not mean that people should not open stores in crime ridden areas since they population there has also needs and wants and may not be able to go other places due to transportation or costs issues. I am not here to judge and tell people that it is not right to open stores in declining or dangerous neighborhoods. People do indeed open stores in those neighborhoods but those are small grocery or daily needs store that don’t have to a have an internet presence and they can do without one also since the store may see a lot of traffic due to being the only one or two ones who cater to that neighborhood. I am saying that if you have something besides groceries which you want people to know, you will need to a web presence so that other people can reach your physical store and shop.

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