Friday, October 25, 2013

Group Vacations-2

And after struggling to get consensus of where to go, then you have to go the most important part of the planning, the money. Money is a sensitive topic no matter what the occasion but when you are planning group vacation and you have to divide the money issue, then you have to firm on it that you get it right away before buying the tickets or whatever vacation expenses you are going to have upfront. Now this is the trickiest part to get families to contribute their share of the money because there maybe some who will say that they will pay later on or pay less than required and then you will be chasing them for the rest of the money. Never fall into this trap because it can ruin relationships between friends and even your siblings and other families. Get all the money required upfront right away without any excuses otherwise you can say that there will be no vacation. I cannot emphasize much on this aspect as the money issue can derail your vacation plans since you have only limited time to book your tickets or hotel bookings so everybody has to be on the same page money wise I mean. After this is said and done (hopefully without much hassle) then you can book the tickets and hotel lodgings if you have the responsibility to do so. Now the flight you will have to ask what time everybody wants to leave and if and when agreed you book the flight and hopefully there is no issue with the preference of the airlines.

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