Saturday, October 26, 2013

Group Vacations-5

Tagging along and making sure everybody is with the group is a big hassle. And if some of the families in the group want to do something else and others want to do something else, then you have to decide where to meet and at what time after their trip. And if one group of families comes on time and the others don’t then you have to wait for the late group. And then there is the issue with taking care of your kids. It is already stressful taking care of your own kids let alone make sure that other kids are also with the group. Because some kids can group together and go to some are of interest to them and the other kids to other areas and then you can find yourself trying to find and herd these kids back to the group even if they are not done. Then there will be some kid who will throw a tantrum and your whole group schedule comes to a halt. The lunch time is fun time as everybody orders for themselves or if somebody is bold enough to volunteer and have all the orders in place so that they order in one go, whatever is the case, it will be chaotic as you can well imagine. Everyone including kids want to have what they like best and if you have some kids with allergies then you have to be careful about what food you can buy even if you or your kids don’t have any allergies. If you don’t want to take charge, everybody can order for themselves and then there can less chaotic scene and confusion about the food order.

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