Sunday, October 13, 2013

World of Finance: Interviewing for a job-2

But after going through a lot of material reading, you can say that the various reasons that the companies don’t reply are some of the following: your skills did not match the job description, you just randomly sent out the resume without reading the whole description, you were over qualified, there was an age discrimination (never will they tell you this, it can end up as a lawsuit), you applied for a job just for the heck of applying, you did were not qualified, you entered the key words in the software program which were not matched by the companies, you had some employment gap, you have changed jobs faster than usual making you unreliable, there was some grammatical mistakes in your resumes which shows that you don’t care for details, you are applying for a position where your skills are way more than required (also called overqualified in other words), although sometimes a cover letter is not needed but companies want you to send one anyway and you did not send one. Also maybe your name is foreign sounding (again a base for discrimination if they reveal it for rejection) and many other reasons that you can think about. As I mentioned before, you should always send out a cover letter with your resume detailing in one or two paragraph what you want to achieve in a company, why you should be hired, your skills and a little bit of experience so that the employer can have a synopsis of what you want out of that company before he/she looks into your resume.

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