Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Consumed by hatred-2

Another example I can give you is how people hate somebody who is not like somebody based on race or their skin color. And if you have read it over the years this kind of hatred has consumed numerous millions of life like in the World War II, Christians were killing Christians and the Asians were killing Asians just because they belonged to a different nationality or race. Even skin color was part of this hatred like in South Africa and in the South in the U.S. and this type of hatred has more casualties than others. Because some people can't stand to be with other races, it just destroys the fabrics of society and leads to discrimination when it should not happen. There should be tolerance in this case and you can see that it still is going on in every part of the world since some people feel superior to other races just because they were born in a certain area. Another type of hatred that is emerging again after being dormant for a certain period of time It is sectarian hatred, this has been going on for thousands of years with catholic against protestants and Hindus and Muslims and now with Buddhists with Muslims and even when are a Muslim living in a Muslim land, you may not be the right kind of Muslim (whatever that means) or does not follow the majority's beliefs and are hated for that. You are discriminated in every form possible so that you are living at the fringes of society, afraid for your loved ones and trying to just survive.

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