Monday, October 21, 2013

Sense of responsibility-2

And this sense of responsibility extends to your girl/boyfriends as you have to take into account their sensitivities and needs and wants and also feel accountable if you don’t do certain things as demanded by them or the relationships. If you are a kid, you have a responsibility towards your parents, teachers, elders, your siblings, friends and relatives to treat them with respect and listen to their advice. Once you enter your adult life, your responsibilities does not diminish but increases more since you have to take care of your job responsibilities and the things that are assigned to you and you will be held accountable for it in order to get evaluated, promoted and get paid accordingly. Then you have responsibilities towards your neighbors and fellow citizens to be nice and courteous and take care of your house and dealings with your neighbors. Your responsibilities do not end with human beings but it also extends to your surroundings and the things you have in your possession. If you have a pet you have to take care of its food, well being and all the things associated with taking care of human beings and if you have to take care of some stuff like your car, your garden, your computer and other things to make sure they work when you need it. Some of this sense of responsibility comes from internally and some is imposed by society but whatever it is if you don’t have responsibility you may as well live in a jungle isolated from the civilization and your human beings and other creatures and live carefree (but even then you will have the responsibility of taking care of your own needs).

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