Sunday, October 27, 2013

Women in ads-2

Maybe I am going overboard with my critic of using women in ads or maybe not. I would admit that the women that they pick up for ads are rather attractive but what does that got to do with the products themselves. Would somebody just buy the product based on how pretty the model was or would they buy based on the merit of the product. And is there any connection between how well the product sells vs. how it will sell without a model being advertised. And this blatant use of females is not only confined to products but to sports as well as you see female cheerleaders in basketball and football cheering and dancing to the beat of music. These cheerleaders train hard to be on their teams and feel privileged not only by them but also by the parents. Am I the only one who is just a bit curious about these thing or people just ignore this because it has become part of the culture? It is really hard to see any normal looking women in ads or in cheerleading teams if they should ever exist in the first place and why can't men be part of the product advertisement when the product is specifically about them. Even when it is not even remotely related to women products or just plain exclusive men products, there always tend to be women who are shown in the advertisement and this badge of honor is displayed proudly by these women. Tell me if this is not exploitation by men or not? Most of you will not agree since it is so culturally ingrained but this is done all over the world and consciously or unconsciously it has become part of the tradition in every culture and religion, the exploitation of women even with their knowledge and it is not about to end just because people don’t see it but is increasing just to make big bucks.

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