Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-2

I am not going to go into detail about the immigrants history since then it will turn into something else which is the not the intent of this post. But still I will like to go through the immigrant’s history and why there will always be immigration and the efforts to stop it will be futile. Nowadays even when the war ravages and other incidents of violence are happening in some parts of the world forcing people to leave their place of ancestors, there are still some who want to immigrate because of economic opportunities in their countries is none or next to none or their honest existence is threatened by corrupt practices in their country and some of the countries are just generally welcoming of the immigrants due to their own low or declining population or other economic reasons. I will give you some examples of where each of the above is happening and why this trend is accelerating due to circumstances unique to each people. With the world in crisis, people are risking their lives to migrate to safer places but also the lack of opportunities to grow in some countries is so huge that people don’t want to wait for such time as conditions become ripe again to prosper and they are deciding that it is better to migrate to green pastures than to stay in the place of their birth. Just to emphasize that if you feel that I am leaning towards advocating the right of the immigrants, it is should be noted here that nobody wants to leave their place of birth and the place of birth of their ancestors and nobody wants to leave their extended families behind.

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