Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Six Flags® Great Adventure-2

I am not sorry to say that it is just a genuine injustice that to ask for USD 25.00 even if you have to visit for a few hours. Although I see a lot of people but still it is just so expensive to park the car that is why I went there after almost 10 years. And then when you approach the gate, you have to pay more than USD 60.00 to access the park. I have now noticed that they have metal detectors like you have it at the airport to screen you and your belongings for anything suspicious. Everybody was taking out metal stuff like their keys, cell phones and then going through the metal detectors. Giving them our complimentary tickets was no hassle and then we went inside. The theme of the park was the Halloween one with fright fest activities all over the place. Since I am not a roller coaster guy so most of our family wanted to first to Safari where we could see all the animals in their natural habitat. We saw elephants, giraffes, deer, lions, tigers, kangaroos, and other animals that I was not able to catch their names or forgot it completely. After this tour that was the highlight of our combined family fun, it was time for the kids to have some fun on their own rides. But before that we had to eat our lunch so we got a pizza pie which was also outrageously priced but had to buy it since their policy was no foods or drinks from the outside.

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