Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-4

Economic migrants are those who want to better their lot and they cannot do that in their countries of birth due to flawed government policies and they tend to migrate to more developed ones where they talent and hard work is appreciated. But you know over time people who have been persecuted in their native countries migrate to other safer countries and they establish themselves as business people and soon the goodwill of the host countries turn to hostility because it is perceived that they are taking jobs from native people. Are they really taking the jobs from the natives? They may reduce the price of their labor but they are definitely not competing with the natives since they don’t know their language nor they have the skills but they can only do odd jobs or is said in many cases they take jobs which the natives don’t want to do because of manual and hard labor and low pay. But on the other hand the natives contend that the jobs are now being taken by high skilled people who come here on temporary job visas and take jobs with low pay and work in high tech areas thus replacing the native’s job prospects. There can be some truth in that but again if these so called economic refugees are here in the host country; they will have to survive against all odds since they are facing so much hostility so they will take whatever is available to them. And that usually means low paying and other jobs the natives are loathe taking in and you know what somebody has to do those jobs and if not the natives then the immigrants will step in.

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