Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government shutdown: Who is to blame?

So by now the world knows that the U.S. government is shutdown due to the gridlock in Washington D.C. Hundreds of thousands of people have been furloughed till further notice and there is no end in sight to this craziness. No side of the two parties is ready to budge and bring this shutdown to a finish. Everybody is sticking to their guns since they are getting paid while millions of people are being affected. When people say that Democrats are to be blamed and Republicans are to be blamed and then the surveys keep on coming that say that the people have the lowest expectation from their congress and they are fed up with the dysfunctional Congress hurting them, I start to think that if the people are really to blame for all this mess. Now some of the readers will be astonished to say that why people are to be blamed since they are not in congress making decisions. But if you look closely everybody but overwhelming majority are the voters who are to blame for this mess. We send these congressmen and women to the Congress to represent our respective areas and our preference for your policies and now that they have shut down the government, why this hue and cry. We wanted a divided form of government so that we did not want to give one party the total control of our government and look even if it is divided we are at a standstill because we don’t like some part of the law that was previously jointly passed by both parties.

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