Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On the Business path: Ignoring the discouragements

Now once you have decided that you want to start part time or full time and got the somewhat hesitant support from your family members, you will still get a lot of discouragement before you even take the first step to decide what you want to do. And to make it perfectly clear, you will get a lot of advice on the way good and bad. Some will be sincere and some not sincere but you will definitely get the advice from the people who will know the least bit about it and from those who will know quite a bit about it but still your experience will be exclusively yours. It will not be an easy ride, far from it as you will experience unexpected successes and failures, heartbreaks, lack of finance and on top of this discouragement from many people who have just read it in the magazines and newspapers and have not experienced the joys and perils of owing a business. And believe me there will be a lot of discouragements with the usual suspects like you don’t have experience, you don’t have funds, you don’t have enough of each, can't you find a regular job, you are lazy and will and cannot handle stress, how will you be able to do it alone. your idea is not good or it sucks, do you have a plan, how will you be to juggle regular work and the part time business that you are starting, you would not have time for the family, overwhelming majority of business fail, why do you want to waste our hard earning savings, there is too much risk, you don’t know what you are getting into, why can't you find a second job instead (my favorite) and the list goes on depending upon your situation and your so called well wishers.

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