Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World of Finance: Car buying

I know that most of the people have cars and have gone on car buying expedition once or twice in their lifetimes and have many unique stories to tell about it. I have also gone to some car buying experience and here is my take on it and how it should be done more or less. Some people may have a fun and adventurous time at the car dealership and some people may stress out and get frustrated with the whole process. But you don’t have to be frustrated and stressed out if you have prepared yourself in advance and know what you exactly want and if not just walk away from the deal if it does not suit your requirements. If I can do it, you can do it too and make it a fun filled adventure (until the time you have to pay for the car that is). So here it goes that the first car I bought was a mistake and it just happened that I was na├»ve and not internet savvy. At the time, internet was at the top of the heap with all the dot com boom going on in early 2000 and then September 11 happened and the deals came for interest free financing for three years and the end date was nearing so I rushed in and bought a car, needless to say the same deals are still here after 12 years and may not go away soon. Since my father was alive and I was not married, so I took my father for car shopping. And since I did have a car to go buy one, I and my father travelled on a bus to the dealer’s lot.

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