Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World of Finance: Recruiting agencies-3

Since every company is different, so is every recruiting agency. There are the big ones and the small ones. I usually had success with the small ones since those are the ones who work hard to get their potential candidates jobs. I am saying this because since the small ones have a hard time landing some clients companies so when they do they go all out to find the perfect candidate and please their clients. I am not saying that the big ones don’t work as efficiently as the small ones but since the big ones can have a number of candidates and are in the news, they can afford to ignore or lose some candidates. But When you are desperate you don’t pick and chose the recruiting agencies, you apply to as many as possible like casting a wider net and send your resumes to each and every one of them. I know it is like catching a small fish in the ocean but that is what job hunting is all about. Lest you be tempted to seek these recruiting agencies without any relevant experience, you will be disappointed. Although these are job agencies but they will not help you if there is no job from their clients. They want to get candidates which have perfect or near perfect match to the requirements of their client companies and will just waste your time if you keep on going to them. I had that experience and then realized that the money is coming from the companies not from the candidates and they have to fulfill the requirements of their clients.

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