Monday, October 28, 2013

World of Finance: Financial advisers and their fantasies-2

How can you access funds when you are unemployed and the only funds available are your retirement funds? I can understand that you need to save for retirement or even for your daily needs but what happens when your source of income is no longer there and you are unable to earn money for the loss of your job or if you are sick. How do the financial advisers deal with this kind of situation and accessing your own retirement fund is no crime. Although you will lose out on interest accumulated but your immediate need is to survive and that is most important rather than some elusive retirement fantasy that you are just dreaming off. I am an extensive reader but I have never come across an article where a financial adviser is suggesting ways to save money while you are unemployed. Are financial advisers only for people who are making money or are employed? I don’t know if any financial advisers will work for free for an unemployed person who can only promise him/her to pay once they are employed but in the meanwhile help them in obtaining funds and not touch their retirement funds because it seems like every where you read, the retirement is the holy grail of everything. There is no one out there who can tell how to save for retirement and other regular savings when you are unemployed. It would be nice if the financial advisers come out of their fantasies regarding everybody having full employment and saving like crazy and come to realistic expectation of the general population.

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