Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things to do before one die

Also known as Bucket list, it is what you have not done before but wants to do it before you die. Although nobody wants to think about dying but it is a reality that must be faced by everyone one day. And to be prepared for it and not worry over it, you should at least have a list of things you want to do before that inevitable day arrives and you don’t want to regret that you did not do such and such thing just because of some excuse. And I am sure some of the people may have just done that and not when you are sometimes certain you would not survive after a certain time. I have not made a bucket list but I am starting to think that I should at least have some of the things in my mind before I go to the other side so that I don’t have any regrets that I did not do such and such because of this and that. So what is your bucket list? Have you made one, do you intend to make one, is making a bucket list on your list of things to do, do you believe in a bucket list or just do things as time goes. There is a series of books in the market which goes like things 1000 things to do before you die and then you can add movies, places etc. Although I have not read any one of them (and don’t intend to) but you can get some idea of what it is like to make some kind of listing or wishes that you have that you want to do before something happens to you that will make it impossible to do that stuff.

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