Wednesday, October 30, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-6

And Jordan is not only shouldering the burden of Syrian Refugees but the Turks too have its share of the Syrian displaced citizens and also the Iranians have their share of forced out Afghans in their midst and so we can say that the people who have been forced out of their homes because of war, or persecuted due to their minority status are not immigrants but are victims of circumstances who in order to survive have become economic migrants too but long to go back to their ancestral lands once things become peaceful. But what do you call the people who leave their country for better prospects in other countries not due to war or other circumstances but only by economic gains. And they are exactly what they are economic migrants who because of one reason or another quit their native countries voluntarily, uproot their families and try their luck in their adopted countries and usually succeed there than if they would have stayed where they were before. And here is where the tension escalates, most of the natives of the host countries don’t want these immigrants because it is alleged that they drag down the average salaries since they take jobs supposedly meant for locals or if you can see the other side, take jobs that the locals don’t want or are hardworking enough to create their own space or are just not compatible with the local customs, religions, cultures and other things meant to be unique to that particular area or country. But do their really are that incompatible and do they take jobs from locals and other things that they are used to be blamed for? The answer has been mixed at best.

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