Saturday, October 26, 2013

Group Vacations-6

I do hope that you would not let yourself and your kids starve till lunchtime or dinnertime by not buying them or yourselves snack along the way. Ok I am not being cheap here but if you have lots of kids and the adults also wanting to get some snacks, you should probably step back and let each family or parent buy their own snacks. This way you can save money or you can just buy what you want to buy without bankrupting yourself. If you have been tasked by the families to do all the planning including the financial aspects of it then you would have money to buy these snacks. Once you are past these things you can be on your own to go wherever you want to go but there is one other thing that you need to know that you or some of your group members would want to shop for some souvenirs which can either be a delay or you can go your own way back to your hotel. All the above does not have to apply to you solely. For example if you are traveling to one place by car, you can do your own stuff also like going alone to certain parts of the park like entertainment areas and you don’t have to follow your group all the time. It is just a general idea of what you can expect when you are in a group like situation and going for vacation. Also some of the groups like family ones can be actually fun since you can interact and talk about things when you are not doing anything special or exclusive. But overall for me I would rather have a going alone vacation with my family then to be restricted by the schedule of a group.

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