Monday, October 7, 2013

On the business path: What to do-11

And this part is very crucial because if you always thinking and doing other human stuff only about your business be it on the internet or physical store, your family must support your endeavor. Because if you are not making money initially, they will be skeptical about it so in order for them to support you and take anything taking up your time in other chores and activities, then you will have to bring them onboard. Even a little money will make your house a happy household and your family will chip in whatever way they can to help increase the revenue. On the internet you can either conduct consultation business or just create something which people can download for a few dollars, but in order to do that you will have to convince people that you have experience and are trustworthy. Because reputation factor is extremely important on the internet, you should be careful what you post it. I will get back to the reputation factor later on but for now even if you are doing it for a few hours, you don’t want your customers to perceive you are dishonest or deceiving since that is how you will have to build your clientele and your business and if your part time business gets hit with bad reputation then it is hard that people will care about your full time business. But your reputation gets hit once, you can still recover and again I will come back to this topic later. By now you may decided what to do and if not then I will further give details about how to go about establishing a retail or internet business in general terms.

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