Sunday, October 20, 2013

U.S. government shutdown is over for now or is it?-2

Even without the health care law, which was the biggest issue, they want spending to be cut, but what to start with. Even with hard core and far right wing extreme conservatives, they don’t want to slash social security, defense and Medicare but they are will to cut Medicaid and other poor specific and oriented programs. And the conservatives are already getting their strategy drawn out for the next battle which will happen in January when all this drama and suspense will be played out again and this will be the fastest sequel to any realistic thing that will be played out. But as I mentioned in my other blog why do they get rid of the thing called debt limit ceiling, what is the purpose of it and why do we have to deal with every few months? Is this really necessary to have this drama played over and over again and the debt keeps on climbing up in spite of this? As I have written it before, that the parties want to have some leverage in their hands in order to make sure they get what they want in terms of spending cuts or raises or any other project they want it for their constituency and their causes without taking it account the overall general obligations at large. I usually blame both the parties and the U.S. public for this dysfunctional politics that we have witnessed recently but here the Republicans are to be blamed since they forced this shutdown and did not achieve anything in return. If there was some return, I would have been glad to give them credit to stay their ground but ultimately they did achieve anything and their popularity has declined. Let's see if the elections next year will bring any change since the voters will be the one who will determine how much the party did damage to them.

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