Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Consumed by hatred

Why we are so much consumed by hatred and I may say that I am too sometimes but not always. Why would you be consumed by hatred is just human nature, you are not supposed to like everything or everybody but this hatred just keeps on not only affecting you physically and mentally but it can escalate into violence sometimes or can make decisions which are not rational by any method. For example I may hate something like some TV show and I would refuse to watch it or I would not go to a destination because I hate it out of some incident that happened there or some bad memories associated with it but when this hatred involves human beings then it gets out of hand completely. For a material thing you can just ignore it or not use it and no harm will to anybody else but with hatred for humans, it is a whole different game. Let’s start with some examples, the top which is being played out in the halls of power in the capital of the U.S. It is the hatred of the affordable health care also known as Obamacare that the Republican party don’t like it and wants to delay into that has led to impasse over a budget deal and hence the shutdown of the government. Now this hatred of the law is so much among some Congress people that they are willing to shut down the government and harm people rather than tone down their views and follow a policy of accommodation.

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