Friday, October 18, 2013

Maturity and Immaturity

Who is mature and who is immature that is the question I want to ask and seek an answer to. Is that people act mature in some case and show immaturity in some cases. Mostly it is projected in the media that how men show more immaturity and behave in an immature manner but do men have the exclusive domain of acting as immature. There can be girls who may act like that but it is true that men do show more immature behavior. And there is no age limits typically to act like one. When you make decision which are not based on some rationality you are acting as immature. But there can be people who may act immature in some decisions and mature in some decisions. And an adult can act immature or a young boy can act as mature in some cases. I am talking about a boy because most of the girls do make mature decisions. And being mature or immature also happens to be when somebody is in a state of mind where you cannot make rational decisions and this includes both male and female. So although being mature and immature usually is associated with male species in our society but it is not their exclusive domain and you will find females too who may act mature or immature based on some situation. I have been guilty of being immature but when I do some act it does shows that I am being mature. So folks you can be mature and immature at several points in your life and both the genders are guilty of it.

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