Monday, October 14, 2013

World of Finance: Interviewing for a job-5

So now you have made yourself beautiful, handsome, presentable and what not, you ready for your interview (I believe dress wise). On the day of the interview, don’t stress yourself out and be cool and calm and remember to do your best and even if you don’t get the job after their reply in a few days or weeks maybe, you should not be disappointed and treat this interview as part of the learning experience and reflect upon what you did right and what you did wrong and then improve upon it. Usually the experts say that don’t go in to early before your appointment time and don’t go in too near your appointment time. The first reason being it may disrupt the work flow of the interviewer and he would be hard pressed to call you in and you will also feel uncomfortable sitting in the office with nothing to do and you want it to get over with. If you come too late, you will not have enough time to relax, catch your breath and do any formality that you have to do in that office before the actual interview. I usually go 15 to 20 minutes before the interview, which gives me enough time to calm down think positively about the outcome of the interview, rehearse the questions that I am going to ask them and what they are going to ask me. Since everything you do when you enter the office will count towards your interview, you should always greet the receptionist or any other person that you encounter who can be relevant to the interview with a smile as the interviewer may ask other persons who work in the office about how you gave your first impression. Did you laugh, were nervous, anxious, sad, angry, bored, not interested etc.

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