Wednesday, October 30, 2013

World of Finance: Immigrants and the economy-5

Let me give you some example that why immigrants and the economy is not a U.S. phenomenon but a worldwide problem. Let’s start with Pakistan where millions of Afghans have been refugees for last 30 or more years and they have kids who are technically Pakistani being born in that country so what do they do which will make them survive just not on the generosity of the host country and the United Nations. They will do whatever to survive and thus they have spread all over the country and have taken jobs sometimes not acceptable to the locals and thus have created some tensions in areas where they are now practically dominant in many trade and do you think that they will go back to the native country. And do you believe that once they have tasted the comparatively peaceful life in Pakistan they are going to go back to War torn Afghanistan. Their kids have been born in Pakistan and now they have become part and parcel of that economy. And it will be hard for them to leave everything behind. Next we go on to Syria where the refugees crisis and outside the country is becoming critical. And I was recently reading that the Syrian people who have fled the country to the neighboring Jordan are creating tension in one of the driest countries of the world where they are putting much pressure on the resources and with the local people as they are taking jobs from the locals as alleged by the locals. Are we going to call them economic refugees or people who have escaped war and are at the mercy of a foreign land where they have to feed themselves and thus create entrepreneurial opportunities and take jobs which they local population does not want to take?

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