Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Six Flags® Great Adventure-4

The other one was the dare devil jump. In this they pull you up against a long rod tower and then they drop you from there with your own body to carry to as far away as possible with the strings attached, this was a bet I had with him for like 50k but he was not going to take my bait. Both of the rides were scary but onto the next ride we went, as it was getting dark, we went to another of the haunted horror trails arguing about whether to go in or not because the lines were so long that by the time you reach there it would have been one hour or so. Don’t have the patience anymore for these kinds of lines. And since it had started to drizzle a bit, we decided that it is best not to go for this rides which was not included in the price of admission as we had to pay USD 15 for six trails. But then my brother in law’s kid wanted to go to another ride and he went with my sister in law while we took my daughter and his daughter to paint their faces and then sat in an umbrella covered place which was a haven from the drizzle. After they came back we decided to head toward the exit but before doing that we made a quick pit stop at a souvenir store to buy some memorabilia. And then we headed for the exit. Although there were other huge roller coasters but nobody had the daring instinct to go on it and thus we skipped it. Being walking for several hours was exhausting even if you are used to it and when we reached home, it was time to go straight to bed. Since this park is in several states, you can go into any one of them if you have the time, energy and financial means to afford it just for one time purposes only.

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