Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Six Flags® Great Adventure-3

Even buying a drink costs USD 4.00 so we had to save some money, we bought a big bottle for USD 16.00 with lemonade but with the added incentive to have unlimited refills of any liquid soda all through the park on the day of the purchase of tickets. So as you know we had to make the drink as cheap as possible we decided to have as much refill as possible. Now we were walking from one place to another and had out of three rides, two while standing in line had technical difficulties. It was disgusting that first we had to wait in line and then when we are all excited about the rides, there was a technical difficulty which just dampened our spirit and then we had to go another ride and wait there again. But after two technical difficulties, I had it enough and decided individually not to wait for any of the rides that I deemed would be appropriate enough for me. I saw two rides which I started to bet with my brother in law that I can bet him 30k that I can go in that ride which was called sling shot it was like two people in a two seats and they have send hurtling towards the sky like a sling shot and then coming back and he was asking for 100k and not even then he would muster the courage to go in and risk his life. By the looks of it when we saw it several times, it was really scary to go that high but for the right price (described above) I would have risked it.

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