Friday, October 25, 2013

Group Vacations-3

Once the booking of the flights is done, you have to take care of the hotel bookings. In this you need to know how many people can the hotel allows you to be in one room, how much the room is and what kind of hotel it is. Now with the funds that you have collected from the families, you will have to work within it and choose a hotel that does not bust your budget otherwise there will be less of other things in the future to do. One thing that I got to tell you is that once one person takes responsibility for the booking and the planning of the vacation, he/she has to make a budget so that everything has to be in it otherwise you don’t want to start all over again with running after families for any shortfall in funds that you may unexpectedly incur or you can ask for more money initially and at the end of the vacation you can give it back to them if there is anything left. After this it is time to pack and go either the airport or meet in a common place to start your journey to your vacation. Here again you don’t have to be a boss and let other people come as they want to but deciding on a time that you will all meet at a certain time is important. And here once again you will see the futility of being in a group going on a vacation because I bet there will be some families who will come late and then your starting time again will be delayed.

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